Zero by Enrico Serafino
With more than 140 harvest Enrico Serafino, it's an Italian winery, with a great and long heritage. Situated in the Alta Langa terroir, it's the perfect place where to create amazing sparkling wines tipify by minerality and finesse

Inspired by the latest restyling of the winery logo, I designed two different concept for the launch of Zero, a special edition of an extremely prestigious sparkling wine product.
The new Enrico Serafino winery's logo design.

Time is the keyword in the art of mastering perfection.
Inspired from an ancient fossil typical from those vineyard area, the new logo is a celebration of the passage of time, where evolution continue and the heritage remain.

For Zero 140, 140 are the number of the months this wine rest in the cellar, creating it's uniqueness. An incredible evolution of flavors growing into the glass, during this tasting experience.
The modernity of a classic masterpiece.

Sparkling wine are a great classic in the world of wine, both in a vinery both in a dinner menu.

So the playful game of design, mix into this visual, the most academic food paint art direction, the Still Life style while the ironic copywrite says: Still in Life. It is indeed the extreme long and living process of fermentation that makes this wine alive and still so fresh as the passed days of his harvesting.

Enrico Serafino wine cellar.
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