The Soul Kitchen
A visual project about food. An unbranded self production in partnership with a full team of freelancers to showcase our skills. The Soul Kitchen is a short film where the ideas comes rough and direct on the working desk, to be transformed with rhytm and style into a full menu.

My personal creative task was to come up with a main visual frame where let all the team feel free to play independent but organized in this common production.
So, the main key visual  is based on the idea of a "dominos match" where all tile start from kaos to become a perfect chain.

Materials are all inspired by nature. Wood, lava stone and marble for desk and containers.

The color palette is black and white ( domino tiles ) for the background  in contrast with the primaries from the food.  
Texture, materials and color palette.
Final Keyframe design. Table and dishes set up, food colors connection.
Final frame from camera shooting.
Short edit. Pasta edition 
Short edit. Salmon cut. 
Short edit, hamburger cut.
Full video, director's cut.

Director/DP: EyeCandy
PH: Officina38
EP: Anna Frandino
Art Director: Emanuele Zangirolami
Starring: Emilia Delena
Food Stylist: Elisa Lanci
Editor: Luca Angeleri
Colorist: Orash Rahnema
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