Non solo buono
Because good is not enough
The brand new digital platform for the Fini Group, about food.
A place to talk about food culture, from the field to the kitchen and beyond.
Based on a true story
A journey about the authenticity of food shared and promoted by three historically conscious Italian cooking brands. A concrete philosophy about the beauty of food and the importance of understanding it.
A people story
The website approach is an unconventional magazine in which traditions, places, ingredients and products blend into each other, in a modern story about food and nature.
Stories about people that work growing and producing food, from fields to the kitchens.
A taste of modernity
A complete collection of Italian classic recipes restored in a modern way to acquire a greater know-how and refine the art of cooking.
Your personal taste.
Your journey through the content tells the website about you.
The portal was conceived to be a personalized experience, to learn about your favourite tastes and content, and to suggest the best ideas to you. Like it, save it, share it in a personal area.
Perfect dinner
A food experience beyond recipes. A fun way to create tasty menus step by step, with clever tips to create the perfect atmosphere.
The careful promoters
A special area, with corporate content and product details, for each brand, independent but fully integrated.
A custom design for B2C and B2B services, with trade and press sections.
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