New Holland Construction
Built around you
Pitch proposal of a new corporate website for New Holland Construction, aimed to improve Brand accessibility and proximity, elevating the digital brand image.
Epic Workers
Construction machines are strong and heavy, so a brand new photographic treatment focuses on their power with an epic look, making the workers rise imperious from the dirt.
Building the basis
The website content and design structure works to properly address the target audience potential customers or prospect and equipment owners or clients. The project focuses on three main aspects in order to achieve the main goals: site structure, navigation, content aggregation and presentation.
Built Around You
The statement “Built Around You” drives the content organization and the design of the entire site.
The product page is reachable from 3 access points responding to 3 different user needs.
The “Product Line” is organized with a functional approach to product range. “Search By Industry” presents a narrative approach to the Company’s product range. The products are organized according to business needs and purposes. “Search by Name” lets you find a specific item just entering its name in the search box.
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