Lancia New Voyager
Emotions to share.
The website launch of the New Lancia Voyager debut in the European market.
Discover the New Voyager as your ideal partner, the space dedicated to who you love the most.
Space and details.
Space and details are the keywords to imagine the layout of this website.
Strictly designed into four big columns that manage different content,from a rich visual experience to complete product explanations. An interactive visual journey states that the Lancia Voyager is your ideal partner,
since it boasts impressive size matched by a spacious,
refined passenger compartment distinguished by superior materials.


Journey anyway you want it.
The interior of the Voyager was made to be as cosy and comfortable as a  living room. It is both sturdy and flexible due to the Stow 'n’ Go system. The system allows the second and third rows of seats to be stowed away under the floor, folding down the third row seats by pushing a button.
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