Lancia New Thema
Luxury free from clichè
Welcome in a journey into style.
Welcome to a journey in style. Discover, in detail, the Lancia-Chrysler flagship model that combines two worlds.
The stops of the itinerary are the sections of the site: Style, Comfort, Power, Technology.
Far from the usual routes of common clichés. There is only order and beauty, luxury, peace and pleasure.
A brand new from classic
Poetry and solidity, emotion and proportion, tradition and freedom. Discover the new elegance in a perfect balance between the classic and the unexpected.
Anything but the pleasure of the journey
The new Thema is the best in class for comfort and silence.
Only the music and your feelings will be the soundtrack to your travelling.
Each poem is a trip.
There are no words capable of going straight to the heart. Even at the cost of crossing an ocean.
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