Iuli - The color of wine
Fabrizio Iuli is an artist. A wine-maker artist. His colors come from the grapes and his canvas is a bottle, so the wine tasting is truly an exhibition of his personality. With a strong heritage from his family, Fabrizio's wines are the most traditional grapes from Piedmont, saved, loved, and performed in a contemporary way.

The design challenge was to study and extend the brand labels color palette for the upcoming new wines in a consistent way. According to the color composition technique and perception, the solution is a visual design study that brings answers both with simplicity and mathematic accuracy.

A peacefull moment at Iuli family
Color map and method for Iuli wine labels case study
Wine labels color application and creative proposal
Wine label final design.
Wine label final design
Wine label final design.
Producer brochure and wine catalog.
Take a full view of the brochure here: https://bit.ly/IuliBrochure

Meet Fabrizio Iuli and discover his unique wine making personality.
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