If u can imagine it, you can do it.
Join the revolution of Ferrero Kinder surprises, into a world of interactive storytelling
and magic tools that blend virtual and reality.
A revolutionary system
Infinimix is a world premiere of a Ferrero innovation, a brand new toy surprise
in one of Ferrero’s most iconic products: the Kinder Surprise egg.
Infinimix is a full range of surprises that transforms the world of surprises, for the first time, thanks to an easy and smart building system, children have total freedom to play creatively with an infinite mix of pieces to create characters and different worlds.
A journey between physical and digital
How can we make make it famous? By creating a relationship between the product and the target in an ecosystem of digital touchpoints, a strong user journey to spread the main values of Infinimix step by step.
The Discovery of creative skills and cognitive advantages in children, engaging
through an extraordinary story of this world to create relationships with the main characters so that the play experience creates an immersive and challenging scenario in which we can share worldly ideas and create value of play time.
A world of fun
The digital ecosystem starts with awareness of the point of sale, an interactive totem surprises children with a touch-screen game. The support website informs parents about the system and its values, then links to digital App stores, where the Magic Kinder App becomes the fulcrum of aggregation and entertainment for children and parents.
INFINIMIX is a project realized with the collaboration between Bitmama ( Concept, Digital Branding, Storytelling, APP - Website - POV - COmmercial Design 2D/3D, Plarform Games  ) Frog / Open Reply ( UI / UX ) Soremartec ( Concept, Product Development ) and Ferrero ( Marketing)
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