Enò Libero Emporio.
A delightful poison.
Enò Libero Emporio is a small restaurant-cocktail bar in San Salvario, multicultural central district in Turin, Italy. Behind the bar, there’s Daniele. passionate and extremely inspired bartender.
The perfect place to chill in the night, drinking delicious cocktails.
The bite of a snake
Daniele is a tough boy, a multi-tattooed motor bike rider with big black dogs.
But his flair bartending, is gentle, smooth and elegant.
He his a like a rattlesnake in the desert;
His poison is a pure distilled, delightful one, that thrills you at the first bite.
In an inspired night a sketch, fix the concept. Enò is the snake of your favourite poison.
Love at first sight, the design became the uniform of the brigade.
A true love, is forever.
A long career at Enò, for Daniele, is now celebrated forever with a new big tattoo.
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