Redesign, Top quality Italian tile and floor decor company, global website to create the best digital experience for the 3 different target needs: Client, Architects and constructors
The main goal of this project was to imagine a global platform able to fit any company's needs from a customizable catalog page according to the region, to a creative tool to engage clients in an innovative way to find their favorite product for the next house project.
The main creative focus, in an integrated way with the new brand restyling image, was to create a minimal design to engage the user with content interaction such as organized documents and data for constructors integrated into interactive design projects for architects; while for the final client, the approach was esthetic with intense use of inspirational images presented with a digital magazine or playful catalog.
User Interface Layout
Main Menu extension
Product Page Template, Collection
Product Page template, Look 1
Product Page Template, Collection
Interactive Magazine and Mood Finder
Interactive Magazine 
Interactive Magazine 
Interactive Magazine 
Interactive catalogue
Interactive Catalogue Cover
Interactive Catalogue User Interface and Visual Moodboard
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