Duomo di Milano
Discover the endless beauty of Duomo di Milano
in a whole new interactive way.
Born during EXPO2015, the Duomo di Milano official APP is the digital engagement solution created for Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo. Available in nine Languages, it lets Tourists visit one of the most famous monuments in the world in a unique and interactive way.The Duomo Square, The Cathedral, The Museum and the Expo Stand are all enabled in a digital way.
When artworks talks to you.
In a different way from classic museum audio guides or dedicated Apps, the Duomo of Milano App enables mobile devices to receive content about the visit, precisely when the visitor is in front of the point of interest.
Thanks to a complex system the app links more than 80 Bluetooth Transmitters (Beacon) with more than 300 different contents like descriptive card, pictures, audio guides and video.
Magic at your fingertip.
The App is also designed with two different special tools: Travel Note and Augmented Skyline.
Travel Note lets the user create content like pictures, video and voice notes into an always available personalized interactive memo gallery without leaving the app during the tour.
Augmented skyline is an amazing tool that transforms the device into an interactive viewer. Tourists on the Main Terrace of the roof of the Dome can make a 360° panoramic view of the Milan Skyline, interacting with geolocalized digital markers that enable historical content about the town from ancient to modern time.
Augmented skyline in an amazing tool that transform the device into an interactive viewer, the tourists on the Main Terrace on the roof of the Dome can make a 360 panoramic view of Milano Skyline interacting with geolocalized digital markers that enable contents about the history of the town from very ancient to modern time.
To stay in the loop with Duomo events, the App provides a useful agenda that sends notifications of upcoming art shows, concerts and performances according to personal interest.
The Duomo di Milano official APP was realized with the collaboration of Bitmama (Concept, Digital  Branding, UI/UX), Hi Engage Reply (Digital Platform), Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo (client) and Duva (Content Management).
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