Celebration of love
The date of a bee and his flower.
A story about passion, and love.
Francesco and Veronica work together in the food industry. They are passionate about world food culture and they travel the world, from Africa to South America, to find the best chocolate and coffee.
Francesco is also a passionate beekeeper and Veronica, a professional farmer.
They love each other and they are going to invite you to their wedding.
Beauty by nature.
Two natural souls are going to meet together in a classic spring event, when the bees fly to date fields of flowers.

From fruit or vegetables, how many flowers do you recognize?
Zucchine (courgette) flowers.
Dandelium from taraxacum flower.
Pea flowers.
Onion Flowers
Cherry Flowers.

Cucumber Flowers.

Artichoke Flowers.

Garlic Flower.
Honey of moon
Honey of moon, a delicious Acacia honey, handmade by the bridegroom, become the perfect gift for their guests.
Love and cheers!
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