Because a trip begins long before leaving.
Smart, fast, and functional, the brand new corporate website is designed and optimized
to be fully responsive and experienced from desktop, tablet and mobile.
A new look, a new interface and a much more powerful engine.
The new Digital Blueprint
After having designed the original Company Logo in ‘69,Landor Studio came back to restyle the Brand in a more contemporary way: from Logo to livery.
Our work started from this point to evolve the main guidelines into a Digital Blueprint,
with a brand new Web Font, RGB color palette, image treatment, Buttons and link interaction.
Style that works.
According to Landor Inspiration, the whole new Style guidelines were created to be compatible with the highest level of Web Accessibility (AA+). Good looking in a very functional way, a perfect balance between text and images.
Every way responsive.
From concept to development, the journey is designed to perfectly fit the user’s desires with each device, with a brand new tool for searching, browsing and buying flights, dynamic offer panel and functional check in dashboard.
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