About me.
Emanuele Zangirolami  a.k.a. EZA is a complete and eclectic designer based in Turin.
His professional career began at Armando Testa, the founding agency of Italian Advertising.
 Since the very beginning grown as a Digital Art Director in TestawebEdv, web agency of the group.
With over 15 years experience he is now Creative Director at Bitmama, a digital agency that merges the communication heritage and experience of Armando Testa Group with the high-level technological
Know-How of Reply Group to create digital strategies and innovative communication projects.
He has developed a thorough knowledge of the market and the dynamics of communication,
especially in automotive and mass markets with local and global projects.
He works applying a consistent multi-platform approach across a broad spectrum of projects including product websites, brand portals, rich-media advertising, mobile apps and social campaigns to an excellent standard. He has worked for the agency’s main clients such as Fiat, Lancia, Iveco, Ferrero, Soremartec, Alitalia, Baci Perugina and Mulino Bianco. He has been honored at the Cannes Lions, Interactive Key Awards, Targa D’oro, Pubblicità e Successo, La Freccia D’oro and MediaStar.

As an independent artist he is working on a deep and accurate process to expand his knowledge of visual storytelling through several mixed media artworks.These complex productions consist of illustrations, paintings, and sculpture made with “poor” materials like ink, paper, wood and iron.
Fascinated by classic art, minimal graphics and modern design,
his passion takes inspiration from the world around us.

Ability to successfully conceive and produce acclaimed interactive projects from idea to delivery.
Highly organized with managerial experience.
Skilled in  building & maintaining relationships between key clients and the agency.
Unflappable disposition and ability to work in a Team, in a coordination role between internships, freelance and partners.
Extensive knowledge of project workflow with a key role in creative supervision of the whole process.
A keen interest in current technologies, trends, and design tools.

Visual storytelling
UX / UI models
Responsive design
Creative Concepts 
Communications models
Interactive Marketing strategies
Visualization & Design
Working in a team

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